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About the Book

Suzie Slither is a beautiful little green snake. She is fourteen inches long and has pretty orange and brown stripes all over her body.

Suzie is very curious and adventurous. She would leave her home in the Missouri farm, go to places, hunt for food, and meet her friends.

Follow Suzie as she goes on numerous adventures, escapes hunting owls, meets new animals, and gets in all sorts of trouble, along with her friends Tammy Turtle, Ronny Raccoon, and many more!

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About the Author

Wanda Birchler was a preschool teacher for most of her career. Her fondness for children led her to writing children’s books.

Although she has retired, she continues to teach children important values, such as friendship, responsibility, and acceptance.



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“Suzie did not know about the barn owl who now sat high on the rafters watching the whole barn. Owls love to eat little snakes.”

“Just as Suzie leaned over the edge to see better, the small round rock she was on rolled over the edge, and both the rock and Suzie went plummeting toward the water.”

“That night Suzie slept under the edge of a large rock, dreaming happily about a little snake bouncing on a haywagon filled with laughing, singing children.”


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